Spray Irrigation

Sprayers, rotors, misters and anything else related to starting up, or repairing your properties spray irrigation system.

All differentiating sizes, their corresponding price and availability can be found by clicking on a product, and changing the varient within the product page!

What is the difference between a spray head and a rotor?

  • A spray head is an emission device that when pressurized, delivers water over an entire designated arc and radius at once. Sprays usually operate at 20-40PSI, throw water from 4-22 feet and are well suited for projects with lower water pressures and in smaller landscape areas.
  • A rotary nozzle is an emission device that when pressurized, delivers a number of small streams of water at different trajectories to cover the radius. They apply water at a lower precipitation rate than spray heads and will operate at lower pressures while delivering matched precipitation and distribution uniformity. They are the perfect solution for sloped areas and dense soils significantly reducing runoff.