Drip Irrigation

Micro sprays, emitters, and anything else related to starting up, or repairing your properties drip irrigation system.

All differentiating sizes, their corresponding price and availability can be found by clicking on a product, and changing the varient within the product page!

When do you use micro sprays vs emitters?

  • Emitters apply water slowly and directly at the plant to ensure every drop is put to efficient use. Punch-in emitters allow you to place an emitter anywhere along the length of the poly line by punching a hole and attaching the emitter with an inlet barb. In addition to being an efficient method of watering, the drip method will protect flowering plants by keeping their leaves and flowers dry.
  • Micro-spray is a cross between surface spray irrigation and drip irrigation. Like drip irrigation, micro-spray is considered a type of low-pressure irrigation typically operating with pressures between 15 and 30 psi. It is generally considered low volume with application rates of 1 to 28 gallons per hour. Micro-spray typically creates a larger wetted area than drip irrigation making it well suited for irrigating ground covers and large flowerbeds.

Abbreviations to know:

  • Poly = Polyethylene
  • GPH = Gallons per Hour
  • FIPT = Female [iron] Pipe Threading (Threading is on the inside.)*
  • MIPT = Male [iron] Pipe Threading (Threading is on the outside.)*

 ***Note: This does not mean the product is made of iron.***